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DAY 9 - The Team Time Trial

Today we will see the riders working with each other against the clock in the team time trial.  Teams start at equal intervals a few minutes apart. The starting sequences will usually be based on individuals' times in previous events, with the highest ranked teams starting later. This gives the faster teams the crucial advantage of knowing what times they need to beat. Unlike the individual time trial, where competitors are not allowed to draft each other, this is the main tactic in the team event. Each member will take a turn at the front while team-mates sit in behind them riding in the still air. After their turn, the lead rider will then swing over, and the team will rotate...

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DAY 8 - National Champions in the Tour de France

On Thursday we saw Tony Martin win his first yellow jersey, having raced in 7 Tour de Frances. Tragically it didn’t last very long as he had to withdraw from the race after a bad crashed shattered his collar bone. Despite being 12 seconds in front of the other race leaders, out of respect, Chris Froome chose not to start in yellow yesterday. Tradition plays a large and important part of the Tour de France, the wearing of national and world champion jerseys is one them. These are the rainbow striped tops you see on a few riders in each stage. The World Champions in both road racing and time trials wear their rainbow jerseys whenever they are racing in that particular...

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