A Year in the Saddle - Kajsa Tylen's 2016 Cycling WR Attempt

On January 1st Nottingham based Super-cyclist, Kajsa Tylen, will start on a year long journey to cycle the furthest distance covered on a bike during 12 months. She is calling her epic journey ‘A year in the saddle.’

Back in 1938, a British lady called Billie Fleming set out to ride as far as she could in a year. Everyday she rode her 3-speed bike, and ended up achieving an outstanding 29,603 miles during the year. This record still holds 80 years on. At the end of her rides each day she frequently gave talks to local people inspiring them and educating them about the benefits of exercise and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Kajsa hopes to promote Billie’s legacy during her journey and instead of raising money for charity she is asking people to support her by pledging to do their own physical challenges. She is asking people to pledge time and commitment to achieveing something that’s a real challenge to them during the year. It could be pledging to cycle to work everyday, running a marathon or even pledging to join Kasja on some of her group 100 mile loop rides during the year.

“I am particularly keen on encouraging others to take up fitness challenges and their pledges of commitments to exercise will spur me on while I’m riding all those thousands of miles”

Her challenge starts on 1 Jan 2016, and Kajsa hopes to smash Billie’s record by cycling 50,000 km during the year. This is the equivalent of one and half times around the world! In order to set this new world record she will have to clock up around 130km a day. It is going to be extremely tough, especially in the early few months when she will be competing with short days and the worst of the winter weather. She will be cycling all around the country and into Europe, you can follow her progress on her website.

Here at Bon Courage we will be following her every step of the way, and fully support her endeavour. We fully believe in pushing yourself to do something you don’t think you’re capable of, or trying new sports and taking up new challenges. Bon Courage means ‘Good luck, be strong’ and we shall certainly be shouting it at Kajsa as she tears up the roads during 2016.

To find out more about Kajsa’s challenge and to follow her progress, or make your own sweat pledge, visit her website


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we will also keep you up to date with her progress here at Bon Courage

 Good Luck Kajsa!