21 DAYS OF THE TOUR - Our best reads of motivating cycling and sports memoirs

So as today is a day of rest and recovery for the Peleton we thought we would take some time to share with you our favourite holiday reads (cycling and sports related of course!)

These are all books we have read and keep coming back to time and time again, either to re-read or reference back to. All of them are different in their own way, but all are inspired and thought provoking reads!

So if you are looking for some great reading over the summer, and want some motivation to get out on your bike more, run better, or simply be a fitter and better person then work your way through our list.


1 - The Rider by Tim Krabbe

An amazing book that we implore every cyclist to read. It's a painstakingly detailed account of a fictional road race, where the author lets you feel and share every emotion the rider experiences km by km. Great insight into the mind of a cyclist, as well as being entwined with some fascinating history behind the sport.

2. The Climb by Chris Froome

I was sceptical about this book, thinking it was just another sportsman cashing in by releasing an autobiography in time for christmas! But it's a fascinating insight into one of the most dedicated and hard working athletes that our country has seen. It sheds light on Froome's upbringing in Africa and his journey to becoming a pro cyclist. There's some enlightening information on what goes on behind the scenes in the sport today, and it puts to bed some of the rumours about Froome and Wiggin's well documented rocky relationship.

3. Dog in a hat by Joe Parkin

This is a fantastic memoir of the American cyclist who moved to Belgium to race on the European pro scene. It's an honest and brutal account of his life in this world, and he shares his experiences of the world of drugs, payoffs, the betrayals by team-mates, the battles with team owners for contracts and money, the endless promises and the sheer physical agony of racing day after day. 

4. Survival of the Fittest by Mike Stroud

Not necessarily about cycling, but a sport science book that sets out the genetics, diet and exercise that enable humans to perform at their peak. Using examples from Dr. Stroud's own experiences of participating in extreme sports, It helps you understand how to get the best out of your body. A really motivating read on how to stay fit for life.

5. The Secret race by Tyler Hamilton

I was torn on whether to recommend this book, as I'm not too keen on supporting riders that have professed to taking performance enhancing drugs. But that been said it is an absolutely fascinating and mind blowing book about life behind the cameras of a professional cyclist in the era of widespread drug taking. Not only was it the first book to really expose Lance Armstrong and his team, it also explains the soul-wrenching decisions cyclists were made to make if they wanted be a part of that life. Hamilton doesn't make excuses for what he did, and it's his honesty that really makes this a great autobiography and insight into how teams got away with it for so long.