DAY 4 - our guide to the Tour de France Jersey classification

The Tour de France on appearance can seem like one of the most complicated races that there is! Not only do all the 22 teams have different team jerseys, (even with individuals having their own versions) but then there are also 4 key jerseys to be won over the 3 weeks too.

Here we’ll try to explain each one so it makes it a little easier to keep a track of over the next 3 weeks!

The ‘Maillot Juane’ – the yellow jersey. This is the main and most prestigious prize, and from day 1, then current winner can be seen wearing this. The prize is for the general classification and goes to the rider with the lowest time over the 3 weeks, so essentially over 21 stages the rider who gets to Paris the quickest!

The ‘Maillot vert’ – the green jersey, is awarded to the rider with the most points overall. Points are won at a mid-way sprint during certain stages, and at the finish line. These are then added up throughout the 3 weeks and the rider with the highest number wins – simple!

The ‘Maillot a pois’ – the polka dot jersey, is given to the ‘King of the mountains’. On each mountain classed stage there will be a point on the race, usually at the top of a Col, where the first riders to go past are again awarded various points. The polka dot jersey is then given to the person who accumulates the most of these points during the race.

The ‘Maillot Blanc’ – this is the same as the yellow jersey classification, but is specifically for young riders. So will be awarded to the youngest rider (has to be under 26) with the lowest overall time.

There is also a couple of extra classifications which are represented by number colours, we’ll come to these later on in the blog.

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to follow the classification then we recommend Skoda's great app, which gives you a quick over-view